A Day with Bowser Jr.
A Day With Bowser Jr.
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First Year Aired 2010
First Episode First Episode
Final Episode N/A
Series Creator Daniel (dannywaving)
Cast Daniel, The Guy (Originally Some Guy), Diahann (Originally Some Woman), Mandy Williams (Two Koopas for a throne part 2 and 3), Gianfranco Randone (Two Koopas for a throne part 2), James Games (Two Koopas for a throne part 3), Spikey Belmont (Two Koopas for a throne part 3, Rise of Fawful)
A day with Bowser Jr is a Youtube webseries created by Youtube user Daniel on the Youtube channel dannywaving. It started in November 2010 and continues to this day.


The show revolves around Bowser Jr, the protagonist, as he goes through various adventures. He is obstacled by his nerdy classmate called Nerdy, the main antagonist, his jealous brother Ludwig, a secondary antagonist, his strict but caring father Bowser, a supporting character, and so forth and so forth.