A day with Bowser Jr. Wiki

A day with Bowser Jr is a Youtube webseries created by Youtube user Daniel on the Youtube channel dannywaving. It started in November 2010 and continues to this day.


The show revolves around Bowser Jr, the protagonist, as he goes through various adventures. He is obstacled by his nerdy classmate called Nerdy, the main antagonist, his jealous brother Ludwig, a secondary antagonist, his strict but caring father Bowser, a supporting character, and so forth and so forth.



Episode No. Name Description
1 First Episode After failing a test in school, Bowser Jr. is forced to move out of his family to have his own life. But things didn't well as planned.
2 Living With Nerdy After destroying Nerdy's house, Bowser Jr. is forced to Nerdy as a roommate and always gets the blame as a betrayed from his family. But Nerdy has other plans to target the Koopa family.
3 Two Koopas for a Throne Bowser Jr. heads to the Koopa Castle to find the secret about the death of Morton Koopa Sr, with the help of Lemmy and Iggy. Meanwhile, Ludwig strikes revenge on Bowser Jr for stealing his Koopa throne on the day he was born,
4 Rise of Fawful After a great Anniversary speech, Fawful seeks fury to conquering all kingdoms for revenge since his defeat many years ago. While Bowser Jr, Kamek and Ludwig searches for a special Mushroom after Bowser gets turned into a baby.
5 The Lost Level TBA