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The Koopa airship is a flying vehicle resembling a pirate ship, and it's the home of the Koopa family and one of Bowser's weapons and bases.

The Koopa Airship as of Two Koopas for a Throne.


Its main purpose is to be the house of the Koopa family, with all the family's rooms in it, but, as seen in Living with Nerdy (one of the episodes in which the airship is a very important plot point) it is also used as a weapon, primarily to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, equipped with cannons used by sentient Bob-ombs. On the same episode, it is also seen that it is capable of flying at high speeds when the Turbo Button is pressed. In Two Koopas for a throne, it is also revealed that on its right side (the side never seen since the airship is always seen from the left) there is a big door that the characters use to jump out.


The airship appears in every episode, most prominently Living with Nerdy, where it plays a big role in the plot, by being used as a means to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, being crashed into Nerdy's house by Bowser Jr and being high in the sky when Bowser Jr and Nerdy fall off of it.