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Chompy is the pet Chain Chomp of Iggy, and is a minor character in A Day With Bowser Junior.


First episode

In Part 3, Chompy attacked Bowser Jr. ( due to him being dressed up as Mario), being the last enemy to start attacking him.

Living with Nerdy

When the Mario Fan Club was attacking the airship, Iggy used Chompy to eat a Mario Fan Club member.

Two Koopas for a throne

In Part 2, he was sleeping. When Bowser Jr., Lemmy, and Iggy begin their adventure, they ride with Chompy out of the airship to Castle Koopa. In Part 3, Ludwig was chained to him.


  • He is the same Chain Chomp that appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This design applies to all the Koopalings as well.
  • He is able to fall from high places (such as the airship) without getting hurt.