This is Mario. Ever since he died trying to kill Bowser but killed Morton Koopa Sr. instead, he was revived and learned to hate black people. Mario has cleared New Donk City of blacks, (This is how the Great Ape War 2 started, upon Donkey Kong discovering his dead family in New Donk, as a fellow black) Mario has also been known to hate being cucked, Its a known fact that Princess Peach is very loyal to Mario. Mario also hates Sonic and his friends, hating Sonic so much that it was confirmed that Dr. Eggman is Mario from a twisted future.






A bunch of Power Ups

Bang Peach

Ride Yoshi

Use F.L.U.D.D

Use Cappy

Time Travel

Lift Fortresses

Good at any sport

Attracting Women (But He don't want them back. He only want Peach.)

Helping People.


Mario choking Sonic because is Annoying Bitch.

Mario has a lot of powerups, too many to list, But Marios strongest powerup is a portal leading to the SMG4 dimension, where his good friend Luke (SuperMarioGlitchy4) lives with all their friends (Meggy, Tari, Saiko, and Retarded Mario) Mario isn't fond of Retarded Mario but they get along. Mario also has friends he can use in combat such as F.L.U.D.D and Cappy, both of these are living objects, one being a ghost and the other being a robot. F.L.U.D.D can shoot water and be used as a rocket, jetpack, and other things, while Cappy can CAPture people. Mario uses this to make Blacks fall off cliffs. Mario also hates Sonic a lot. Mario has murdered Sonic for being an annoying bitch during racing. He has also taken Donkey Kong to court for beating his wife, as one day Donkey Kong went up to Princess Peach and started beating her up while screaming "RAAAAPPPEEE!" Mario won the case against Donkey Kong...

Mario getting LAID because he deserves it.

Mario and Red, the Fearsome Duo.


Mario is Bowsers mortal enemy. Bowser kidnaps Marios girl because he is a super-mega-ultimate-loser SIMP. Mario one day went to kill bowser for the 500th time but accidentally killed Bowsers Brother, Morton Koopa Sr, Mario died while doing this but respawned later, having gained a bloodlust for killing the black koopa. Mario is still super nice and helpful, just as long as you aren't black... oh... poor, poor inkwell.... Anyway Mario eventually got married to Princess Peach and they had a beautiful son named Bario (isn't he so cute?)

Mario also murdered a lot of blacks and trans people like Snowflake from Marvel Concept and Diddy Kong. But not all blacks were bad as we were about to see...


Mario eventually met his twin brother, Darkter Mario. who was his actual twin, and not Luigi. Darkter Mario claims to be from a world called "StarMoss" or something.. he claims he is here to find "Dark K Rool" and "Mr. L" Mario agrees to help his twin brother, but all that was well suddenly came to an end. a large shadow loomed over Darkter Mario and crushed him, then it beat Darkter Mario up badly, killing him as he let out a mighty Fart, pushing Mario away. That monster was The Big Chungus. "Nyehehhehehehehe, That'll hold em, awight!" The fatso laughed as Mario screamed in Anger and Agony, suddenly flames appearing in his hand. (AN EPIC MAGIC QUEST.) Mario jumps up, a giant fireball in his hand as he clutches his fist, smashing it into the ground, but the Big Chungus dodges at lightspeed. "Nyehehehe, Catch me if ya can, doc!" Mario slowly looks up.. (STARS GLOWING IN HIS EYES..) Mario rolls his sleeves up and stares down the Chungus, chasing the Chungus down as Big Chungus escapes heading towards SHIT ISLAND. Mario was about to follow but noticed Wario and Waluigi on a shitty boat, heading towards there. Mario didn't want to get involved so he went back to Darkter Marios body, bringing it back to the Mushroom Kingdom for a funeral. Mario invited Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Boshi, Daisy, Rosalina, Yoshi, and Kool Pap. it was a very sad day for all.

Darkter Mario, as he met Mario. "Wheres Mr. L? I could only find-a his pickaxe.."

Bloodlust Mario form, after losing his Long Lost Bro. An Epic Magic Quest, Stars Glowing in his Eyes...

Marios sadness caused a portal to open.. a man in blue shirt and cap, and white overalls came out of the portal. "Mario, I need your help." Mario and friends were shocked "You-a need my help?" Mario replied back. The man looked just like mario, but was a recolor... "Theres no time, all you need to know is that my name is SMG4 and my world is in trouble, your the only one who can save it. Let's go." The man drags mario into the portal, leaving everyone else behind. Kool Paps jaw drops as the Wario bros go to raid marios house. Peach has to take care of Bario alone at the castle, and hopes Mario will return from his Epic Magic Quest.


Mario and SMG4 arrive, the world is in ruins. "Oh no, we're too late.." says SMG4. In the distance a large muscular man could be seeen, with a staff. "WAH HAH HAH, WALUIGI TIME FOREVER!" Mario looked at the figure in shock "Waluigi?" SMG4 responds "Yeah, thats Waluigi... fueled by Rejection.." Mario turns around, seeing that the area they were in was actually the ruins of Peachs Castle, seeing the bodies of Fishy Boopkins, Jeeves, and Bob. "Oh-a no..." The figure notices the two, and flies towards them. "WAH HAH HAH HAH! DID YOU COME HERE TO SEE ME? OR HAVE YOU COME TO LICK MY FEET?" SMG4 and Mario recoil in disgust. Mario readies his fist, jumping up but missing Waluigi. "NOPE! TOO SLOW!" Mario growls, remembering that stupid Annoying Hedgehog, that he choked earlier... SMG4 pulls mario back "NO! Don't attack head on!" Mario sighs, thinking of what to do. "It's-a Waluigi, there has to be one person left that likes him, sounds crazy righT? It has to be true." Waluigi chuckles. "What? That's impossible! Why do you persist! Such a twist surely can't exist!" Suddenly, Wario decends from the heavens... "WAAAALLLLUUUIIIGGGIIII, I AM HERE TO SAY I'M SORRY! I SHOULD TREAT YOU BETTER, AND I'LL NEVER REJEECTTT YOOOUUUU!" Waluigi stood there, stunned, as the heavenly light Wario brought with him shined down onto Waluigis six pack abs. "Wario... I thought you hated me." "Nah bro," Wario replied. "I'm always here for you." Waluigi began to tear up, as Mario and SMG4 fist bump. "Well, It's-a time I go back to my world.." Mario says, waving SMG4 goodbye. "Wait! heres something to remember me by." *SMG4 gives mario a Desti Jacket, from his offical Merch Store.* "Eh? Whats this?" Mario asks. SMG4 replies "Put it on, it's a token of this world." Mario puts it on, and starts walking back towards the portal. "Bye bye!" Mario leaves, as SMG4 begins to tear up.

Mario and his AWESOME WIFE (and mother to AWESOME Bario.)

BACK IN MARIOS WORLD. Mario returns, getting pinned to the ground and kissed all over his face by Peach, who was very glad to have him back.... though marios house was robbed, but thats fine. he lives in the castle anyway.

meanwhile... underground..

"Nyehehehe, Soon I will cover da entire world in SHIT!" A large, fat figure laughed, as an inator was uncovered by the figure pulling a large white cloth off of it.

TO BE CONTINUED IN: Donkey Kongs Wikia Page.

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