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Fawful Gerakobits is the overarching antagonist of Two Koopas for a Throne and the main antagonist of Rise of Fawful. He is a crazy, evil genius who tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopa Kingdom, and the Beanbean Kingdom and is Bowser Junior's arch-nemesis.


In Rise of Fawful, Fawful's past is expanded on. Through Bowser's initial speech, we come to learn that Fawful was defeated 15 years ago after battling with the Koopa Kingdom for 4 years. Consequentially, Fawful must have first attacked the Koopa Kingdom 19 years before. Through Kamek's old newspapers, we find out that Fawful originally attacked the Koopa Castle alongside Cackletta (M&L: Superstar Saga), then caused a Blorb epidemic in the Mushroom Kingdom (M&L: Bowser's Inside Story). Eventually, however he was defeated by Bowser and the Mario Bros (M&L: Bowser's Inside Story). We also know from his Wanted Poster (shown by Kamek) that he is 3'3" and 39 years old.


Fawful is short tempered and tends to let his "fury" take control over him, but he's also very calculated and makes up well thought-out plans to archieve his goals. He loves to taunt his enemies and thinks very highly of himself.


The teaser image with Fawful

Fawful's appearance was first hinted in Part 3 of Two Koopas for a throne. A Fawfulcopter, an invention used by Fawful in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story could be seen twice in that episode.

Dannywaving also stated on Facebook that he changed his mind about not letting Fawful appearing in the show. In a teaser released on Facebook and DeviantArt, Fawful's face could be seen next to Bowser Jr.'s and Ludwig's.

His first in-person appearance was in the first part of Rise of Fawful. Fawful uses Bowser Jr.'s attraction to Kylie Koopa and disguises himself as her in an internet chat to trick Jr into giving him the location and the password of the airship. Later he and Midbus use Jr.'s password to invade the airship, kidnap Ludwig and turn Bowser into a baby. He then starts mocking Jr. until the Koopa prince attempts to attack him. Fawful then commands Midbus to "splatter him (Jr.) like a naughty mashed potato". When Jr. wakes up, both Fawful and Midbus are gone.


  • Dannywaving first stated on DeviantArt after he was requested to add Fawful that he doesn't want to add him because he thinks that Fawful wouldn't be funny in this show. However, he seems to have changed his mind.
  • Dannywaving also stated on DeviantArt that Fawful is his favourite character from the Mario universe.
  • When Fawful disguises himself as Kylie Koopa in Rise of Fawful, he still talks Engrish, his image sometimes flickers through Kylie's and his normal voice can be heard once.
  • In Rise of Fawful, Bowser Jr. constantly gets Fawful's name wrong as a running gag, calling him Fizzle, Falafel or Freckles.
  • He holds the last remaining samples of the almost extincted Age Mushroom which is needed to turn Bowser back to normal.
  • Fawful uses multiple inventions he used in the Mario & Luigi games like the Fawfulcopters from Bowser's Inside Story and the capsule from the second battle against him in Superstar Saga.