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This is the transcript for the First Episode.

Part 1

(Nerdy and Bowser Jr are at school.)

Bowser Jr: Rrrrrgg!

(The clock changes from 14:05 to 14:04 and so on)

(Ms. Teachdevil gives them a test.)

Ms. Teachdevil: Students, this is a test that counts on your blah blah... You have ten minutes to finish it before the bomb detonates. GO!

(Bowser Jr looks at the test paper and sweats.)

Bowser Jr: Hey. Hey, Nerdy! What's the answer to number 3?

Nerdy: I'm not giving you the answers! You should have studied instead!

Bowser Jr: Yo give me the answer now, or I will breath flames on you! Understand?!

Nerdy: Well I don't care! Bring it on!

Bowser Jr: Okay! You asked for it!

(Bowser Jr breaths fireballs on Nerdy and breaths bad breath, which kills a plant.)

(Nerdy breaths bad breath back.)

(Bowser Jr picks up a Shy Guy and uses it as a shield.)

Bowser Jr: Is that the best you can do?!

Nerdy: That's nothing! Garlic powers ACTIVATE!!!

(Nerdy starts eating some garlic and breaths bad breath on Jr.)

(Bowser Jr uses his shell to knock the bad breath on Nerdy, burning off his face to reveal his skull.)

Nerdy: OK, OK. The answer is B.

Bowser Jr: Great! Now can you tell me the answer to number 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10?

(The bell rings and words are shown: TO BE CONTINUED.)

Part 2

(Tibb is looking at art when Bowser Jr comes by and accidently punches him while talking.)

Bowser Jr: Yo! Tibb! I managed to do the test! Bowser Jr punches him on accident.

(Tibb gets up)

Tibb: Oh, don't tell me! You copied from the nerd?

Bowser Jr: Don't worry, the teacher won't notice it. Tomorrow I'm gettin' an A!

(Bowser Jr accidently punches Tibb again)

(Words appear: TOMORROW...)

(Bowser Jr is holding his test paper)

Bowser Jr: I got an F! What the shell?

(Bowser Jr turns red in anger and turns around and gives Ms. Teachdevil an apple.)

Bowser Jr: Here's your apple, Ms. Teachdevil!

(Bowser Jr goes up to Nerdy.)

Bowser Jr: Nerdy, you gave me the wrong answers!

Nerdy: Well I didn't study either!

Bowser Jr: Oh, my dad is gonna be mad!

(The Koopa airship is shown, and Bowser roars and breaths flames on Bowser Jr)

Bowser: This test is horrible! You're grounded! Until I get a life!

Bowser Jr: Ground me?! You can't ground me, I'm your best son!

Bowser: No! Now Roy is!

Roy: Oh, yeah! It's Roy! Uhh huhh! Uhh huhh!

Bowser Jr: Rrrrr! You know what? I don't care. I'm gonna escape from this airship and live my own life!

Bowser: No! You're too lame, you can't do it!

(Bowser leaves)

Bowser Jr: Yes I can!

(Bowser Jr calls Tibb)

Tibb hears the phone and screams, then answers it.)

Bowser Jr: Uhh. Tibb? I need your help.

Tibb: What, did your father ground you for the millionth time?

Bowser Jr: Yeah. Meet me under the airship.

Tibb: Why, you want me to be by your side after you fail for the millionth time to get a new life?

(Hammer Bros. are walking around and words appear: TO BE CONTINUED... ONCE AGAIN)

Part 3

(Peaceful music is playing while Bowser Jr (dressed as Mario) is spying on some Hammer Bros.)

Bowser Jr: Okay, this is unfitting music. And now, with my Mario costume, no one will recongnize me, and I'm gonna escape easily! Yeah, I'm gonna snag the parachute and get outta here!

(Bowser Jr swips the parachute and laughs evilly, but a Hammer Bro throws a hammer at him)

Hammer Bro: Stop right there, Mario!

(Hammer Bro presses the emergency button, and a bunch of enemies attack Bowser Jr)

(Bowser Jr escapes and uses the parachute to fly away safely)

Bowser Jr: And now, I'm landing with my parachute, safely on my destina-

(Latiku takes scissors and cuts the parachute, so Bowser Jr falls into the Mario Fan Club building)

Bowser Jr: This escape plan could've gone betteeeerrrr...

(Bowser Jr sits up and looks around)

Bowser Jr: What the...

(A bunch of fans dressed as Mario are walking and talking.)

(Nerdy walks by and sees Jr)

Nerdy: Hey, there! You must be a new member of the Mario Fan Club. Let me introduce you to the fans. Now, are only rule here is that we all love Mario, and we all hate Bowser, but we especially hate Bowser Jr. He's the one that turned me into a SUKLL!

(Josh brings out a statue of Bowser Jr)

Nerdy: But let's not think about it. Let's just play a good game of throw stuff on the Bowser Jr statue!

(Fans throw stuff at the statue)

Bowser Jr: What?! NOOOOOO!

(Bowser Jr's mustache falls off)

Josh: Oh my god, that's like... the Bowser Jr!

Nerdy: Get him! You have done it now, Bowser Jr, prepare for the ultimate devistation of GARLIC POWER!

(Nerdy breaths bad breath on Jr, but he uses his shell to bounce it on Nerdy burning off his skull.)

Nerdy: Oh, come on!

(Nerdy falls down)

Nerdy: Not again...

(Words appear: Fin For now... Stay tuned for Episode 2...A day with Bowser Jr-dannywaving)