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First Episode
Episode 1
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Living with Nerdy
Release date November 4, 2010 (part 1)

December 28, 2010 (part 2) March 17, 2011 (part 3)

First Episode is, as the title suggests, the first episode of A Day with Bowser Jr. Its main cast is formed by Bowser Jr and Nerdy, the protagonist and the antagonist. Mrs. Teachdevil, Tibb and Bowser appear as minor characters.


Part 1 (Bad Breath War)

As the episode begins, Bowser Jr and Nerdy are taking Mrs. Teachdevil's Lame-O test. Bowser Jr, not having studied, asks Nerdy the answer to one of the questions (the n.3 one). Nerdy refuses to give him the answer, so Bowser Jr resorts to threat him with his fire breath. Nerdy, defiant, shows to fear, so Bowser Jr, attempting to spit fire on him, sends a gas ball of bad breath from his mouth as his fire breathing abilities are underdeveloped. However, Bowser Jr's breath is so bad that it's capable of burning objects. Nerdy counters with his bad breath too, and after a while, decides to use his so called "Garlic Power", which consists of sending a bad breath ball after chomping on a piece of garlic. However, Bowser Jr reflects the bad breath ball with his shell and it goes back to Nerdy, disintegrating the superficial part of his face, revealing his skull. Nerdy, defeated, reveals the answer to the question of the test. Bowser Jr then asks him the answers to all the other questions, and as the bell rings, it's implied that Nerdy gave them to him.

Part 2 (The Plan)

Bowser Jr approaches Tibb as he's looking at the art gallery, and accidentally punches him twice as he raises his arms in the joy of eventually getting an A in the Lame-O test. However, his prediction is proven wrong as he gets an F. He confronts Nerdy, who tells him that the answers he gave him are incorrect since he didn't study for the test as well. Bowser, learning about Bowser Jr's F, becomes enraged and decides to punish Bowser Jr until, as Bowser claims, "he gets a life". Bowser Jr. says dad can't round him because e's his best son. Bowser says Roy is Bowser Jr, enraged, starts to formulate an escape plan to get out of the airship. Bowser seems indifferent to the situation as he thinks Bowser Jr will never make it. Bowser Jr calls Tibb (who is wearing an eyepatch for the punch Bowser Jr gave him in his eye earlier) in the middle of the night and asks him to pick him up under the airship, and Tibb figures out that this request is related to Bowser Jr's numerous escape attempts. The episode ends as Hammer Bros guarding the airship from the outside are seen.

Part 3 (Escape From The Airship)

Bowser Jr is outside the airship, hiding from Hammer Bros. He is wearing a Mario costume in order to leave unrecognized. He tries to steal the parachute that his guarded by Hammer Bros, but is immediately assaulted by hordes of Bowser's minions, who attack him brutally as they believe he is actually Mario. Bowser Jr manages to grab the parachute and escape, but as he's falling down, a Lakitu flies to him and cuts the parachute's ropes, making Bowser Jr plummet into the Mario Fan Club's enormous building. The Mario Fan Club is having one of their usual night meetings, and Bowser Jr seems to fit in with the other members as they're all wearing Mario costumes. Nerdy, who happens to be the leader of the Mario Fan Club, introduces Bowser Jr to the members, as he doesn't recognize him under that costume. He explains the rules to Bowser Jr which are that any Mario Fan Club member must love Mario, hate Bowser, but most of all, hate Bowser Jr as he disintegrated Nerdy's face earlier in the episode. The fans commence a game of "Throw stuff on the Bowser Jr statue", where a big Bowser Jr statue gets tomatoes and other vegetables thrown at from the fans. Bowser Jr yells: "What? No!" in horror, and his fake Mario mustache falls off. Josh notices this and recognizes Bowser Jr. Nerdy, angry, after ordering his fans to attack Bowser Jr, attempts to use Garlic Power on Bowser Jr again, but just like in the first part. Bowser Jr reflects the bad breath ball with his shell, sending it back to Nerdy and disintegrating his skull, revealing his brain. Nerdy falls down as he's annoyed by what just happened. Based on what Bowser Jr says at the beginning of Living with Nerdy, Bowser Jr then supposedly escaped from the Mario Fan Club and went back to the airship.

Transcript can be found here.


  • Nerdy eating garlic is a reference to WarioWare: Touched! because in WarioWare: Touched!, Wario ate garlic, which turned him into Wario-Man, but he did not breathe garlic. Nerdy did not transform into anything, but he breathed garlic. In both, eating garlic results in superpowers being given to the eater.
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