Grandpa Kamek
Kamek, as he appears in Rise of Fawful
Role Supporting character
Gender Male
Age Adult
Species Koopa
Likes Bowser Jr, Ludwig, using his magic scepter, people rising up again
Dislikes Giving out secrets to Ludwig, people falling
Allies Bowser Jr., Bowser, Ludwig, Princess Peach
Enemies Fawful, Ludwig (formerly), Midbus
Relatives Bowser Jr. (grandson), Morton Koopa Sr. (son), Bowser (son), Princess Peach (daughter in law), Larry (grand Cousin), Morton Jr. (grand cousin), Wendy (grand cousin), Iggy (grand cousin), Lemmy (grand cousin), Roy (grand cousin)
Fate Unknown
First appearance Two Koopa for a Throne (part 1)
Latest appearance Rise of Fawful (part 3)
Also known as Kamek
Voice actor Diahann
Creator Nintendo
Grandpa Kamek is the step grandfather of the koopa children. He took care of Bowser when he was young.
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