Waluigi is the allknowing god and lorekeeper of the A Day With Bowser Jr story. He has punished Princess Peach for being such a naughty slut. And has revived Mario countless times to prevent Mario Cuck. Waluigi also has a bunch of time abilities. He is seen in every scene, just invisible. Sometimes you can even hear a "WAH HA-HA!" He also makes Fawful drop the soap in prison. "BLACK MAN MY MON, WHY CAN'T WE JUST BE FRIENDS? NO PLEASE NOT MY HOLE! FAWFUL DEMANDS YOU STO- AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" - Fawfuls Last Words

Waluigis Abilities:

Time Stop

Time Resume

Sex Now

Rip and tear (blood and guts)

Universe Restart

Time reverse

Time Forward

Waluigis Family:

Rosalina (Wife)

Wally (Son)

Walter (Older Son)

Rosette (Daughter)

Wario (Pet)


Boshi (Step-Brother)

Waluigi has a confirmed kill count of 152. he has also rapped 46 women in the mushroom kingdom alone.

He is also

- Good at swimming - Talented at many sports - Highly inventive - Always scheming - Cheating - Always seems to lose - Short tempered - Cruel - Makes dumb mistakes - Atrocious luck - Very tall - Flexible - Water bender - Air bender - Romantic - Loner - Mischevious

(Waluigi before reviving Junior after getting killed by Ludwig in episode 6.)

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