Iggy Koopa
Iggy, as he appears in Two Koopas for a throne
Role Supporting character, deuretagonist
Gender Male
Age Teenager(presumably)
Species Koopa
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Enemies Mario(presumably)
Relatives Bowser (uncle & adoptive father)

Morton Koopa Sr. (biological father)

Princess Peach (Aunt and adoptive mother)

Kamek (grandfather)

Bowser Jr. (cousin & adoptive brother)

Larry (brother)

Morton Jr. (brother)

Wendy (sister)

Lemmy (brother)

Roy (brother)

Ludwig (brother)

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First appearance Living with Nerdy (part 2)
Latest appearance Two Koopas for a throne (part 3)
Also known as Unknown
Voice actor Gianfranco Randone (TKFAT Part 2)

James Games (TKFAT Part 3)

Creator Nintendo
Iggy Koopa is a secondary character in A day with Bowser Jr and one of the main characters in Two Koopas for a throne.

Living with Nerdy Part 2

Iggy appeared in Living with Nerdy part 2 when he and Lemmy were riding with Chompy to defeat the Mario Fan Club members that were invading the airship.

Two Koopas for a throne Part 2

Iggy first appears in him and Lemmy's bedroom where he is working on is multifunction high tech glasses. When Bowser Jr. asks them why he is the heir to the Koopa throne instead of Ludwig. Iggy suggests, "Maybe it's because you look like your father". Then Iggy explains the story which gives a clue to the mystery that the death of Morton Koopa Sr links to explanation to why Bowser Jr is the heir to the throne. Then Iggy is the one who uses his glasses to zoom in on the picture of the statue of Morton Koopa Sr on Koopapedia which says "Those who have never witnessed the statue will never know of the great Koopa's true tale." Iggy, Lemmy and Bowser Jr travel to castle Koopa after that to reach the statue.

Two Koopas for a Throne Part 3

In Two Koopas for a Throne Part 3, Iggy helps break the door open by placing a Bob-omb from his Bob-omb pouch. Bowser Jr tries to breathe fire on it in order for it to blow up, but after many failed attempts he uses a spare lighter. Iggy follows Bowser Jr and Lemmy into Castle Koopa, when they arrive a giant statue modeled after Morton Koopa Sr who scans their DNA. The statue shows the original battle between Mario and Morton Koopa Sr, and Iggy points out that Morton's eyes are green, and at first glance he thought it was Bowser. A non 8-bit version of the battle was shown, and Morton Koopa told Bowser to take care of his seven children. When hearing this Iggy, Bowser Jr, and Lemmy were shocked. When Ludwig was chasing Bowser Jr, Iggy asked about Ludwig's hair and Ludwig replied saying he's about to kill one person who asked this, referring to Bowser Jr. When Ludwig was about to fall into the Lava, the three help him get back up, and Chompy takes Ludwig away. At the end, Iggy, Bowser Jr, and Lemmy hug Bowser, and Bowser tells them that they will always be his children.


Iggy Koopa seems to be a smart scientist and inventor since he invented his multifunction high tech glasses. He also seems to be interested in pets due to having a pet Chain Chomp named Chompy.


  • Iggy's voice actor was changed in Two Koopas for a Throne Part 3 due to Gianfranco Randone having family problems.



Iggy and Lemmy in living with Nerdy


Iggy working on his multifunction high tech glasses in Two Koopa's for a throne part 2

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