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Larry Cheatsy Koopa is a supporting character in A day with Bowser Jr. He is Bowser Jr's brother and the youngest son of the Koopa family (not counting Bowser Jr).

He is voiced by Daniel.


Unlike his videogame counterpart, Larry is extremely generous and attempts to help his loved ones in tough situations whenever he can. However, his help only serves to complicate and worsen the situation even more, because he tends to pay attention to only one side of the situation at hand, without thinking of the consequences and risks. Before attempting to help someone, he always utters his catchphrase:"Don't worry guys, Larry Koopa knows how to solve this without having to go through so much trouble!" He intervenes when he is not needed and is a big source of irritation for others. He also seems kind of playful, like when he ran inside the airship wearing Nerdy's glasses while laughing playfully (this happens at the start of Living with Nerdy Part 2).


A similarity he shares with his videogame counterpart is an ability in sports, even though this characteristic has not been looked upon and can only be seen when he manages to hit a moving target with merely a bow and arrow in Living with Nerdy.