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Cool! Oh, someday I wish I could have a multi-function high-tech circus ball! -Lemmy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa is a recurring character in A day with Bowser Jr, being one of Bowser Jr.'s adoptive brothers and one of Bowser and Peach's children.


Lemmy has a close brotherly relationship with Iggy, as he was defended by him in Living with Nerdy. His personality is joyful, fun and naive, as seen in Two Koopas for a throne. He also is impatient shown when Bowser Jr was reading the Castle Koopa Article, he said "Found anything useful" indicating that he was too impatient to read the information about Castle Koopa's artifacts.

First Episode

In the second part of First Episode, he makes a cameo in the scene where Roy is shown as the best Koopaling along with Morton Koopa Jr.

In Living with Nerdy, Lemmy makes another cameo, being defended by Iggy from the Mario Fan Club and later watching as Bowser Jr and Nerdy fly in the out-of-control Koopa Clown Car.

Two Koopas for a throne

In Two Koopas for a throne, his role is bigger, appearing as one of Bowser Jr's sidekicks in the adventure along with Iggy. He appears doing tricks on his circus ball while Iggy is working on his high tech multifunction glasses. Lemmy jokingly states that he wishes that he could have a multifunction circus ball. Then Bowser Jr walks into the room and wants to ask why he is the heir. In the past on the day Bowser Jr. was born, Lemmy along with Iggy were caught spying on Bowser when Bowser angrily threw a pillow at the plant Lemmy and Iggy were hiding behind. Back in the present, Lemmy joins the adventure into Castle Koopa.