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Living with Nerdy
Episode 2
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Two Koopas for a throne
Release date October 30, 2011 (part 1)

June 5, 2012 (part 2)

Living with Nerdy is the second episode in A Day with Bowser Jr Its main cast is formed by Bowser Jr, Nerdy, Bowser and the Mario Fan Club. Minor characters include Ludwig, Roy, and Josh.


Part 1 (CRASH!!!)

After the events of First episode, Bowser Jr manages to get back on top of the airborne airship after regretting his escape and entrapment in the Mario Fan Club. After rejoicing over his return, he laughs loudly, attracting his brother Ludwig's attention. Believing Bowser Jr is Mario because of his Mario costume, he assaults Junior and immediately attempts to kill him, and tries even harder to kill after Bowser Jr tells him his real identity, since he stole his throne on the day he was born. As Ludwig punches Bowser Jr, Bowser comes from inside the airship, grabs Ludwig by his hair and takes him away from Junior, but not after Ludwig making a melodramatic speech about his eventual revenge on Junior.

Bowser then teaches Junior how to drive the airship, starting by showing him the engine room, which is powered by Toad slaves. He then shows him the wheel, which is next to the Turbo button, a button that must not be pressed, for the airship would travel at excessive speed. Bowser then demonstrates Junior on how to invade the Mushroom Kingdom, by raiding it, traveling towards Peach's Castle, burning Blue Toad and fake-kidnapping Princess Peach, who is then revealed to be his wife and Junior's mother.

As the airship goes above the clouds, Bowser leaves Junior alone near the airship wheel to drive the airship as him and Peach go and spend "quality time". Led by temptation, Junior presses the Turbo Button, making the airship go extremely fast, and accidentally crashes it into Nerdy's house, making the whole building collapse as Nerdy(who was inside the house) was about to sing a song to celebrate the return of his face due to a high amount of plastic surgery. Bowser Jr, Bowser and Nerdy fall on the building's ruins and the ground, and Nerdy threatens Junior to face him in court for the damage he has done. Suddenly, Junior's brother Larry comes out of the airship and proposes to make Nerdy live with the Koopa family. Junior is initially reluctant, but Bowser immediately silences him and supports Larry's idea to have Nerdy in the airship to punish Bowser Jr for pressing the Turbo Button, unaware of the fact that he is the leader of the Mario Fan Club and a threat to the Koopa family. Bowser also states that Junior tries to rebel, he will get burned in flames, leaving Bowser Jr no choice but to let Nerdy in.

Part 2 (The Invasion)


Larry runs in the airship wearing Nerdy's glasses, and Nerdy chases him, making Bowser Jr (who was in front of him) fall over and roll in his shell upside-down back and forth in the airship until he ends into an angry Bowser's arms. Bowser burns Junior with his flame, and Nerdy laughs exaggerately hard until he finds a Bob-omb directly next to him. The Bob-omb explodes.

Main Plot

Bowser orders Junior to have Nerdy sleep in his bedroom on his bed, and even if Junior is reluctant at first, Nerdy ends up sleeping his bed anyway. Nerdy snores loudly in his sleep, not allowing Junior to rest, and performs a Falcon Punch in his sleep, effectively knocking Junior out of the bed. Enraged, Junior attempts to attack him in his sleep, but is immediately stopped by Bowser, who is watching through Bowser Jr's airship window, flying in his Clown Car. Alarmed, Bowser Jr pretends to merely tuck Nerdy in, allowing Bowser to leave. As Nerdy stops snoring, Junior finally falls asleep, and Nerdy immediately gets off the bed (implying he was actually awake all the time and was pretending to snore), gives Bowser Jr's room a makeover by removing every item or possession that he had in there, replacing them with Mario-themed objects. During the rest of the night, Nerdy builds an enormous Bowser statue and fills it with Mario Fan Club members.

In the morning, Bowser Jr wakes up and accidentally kisses a Mario poster that Nerdy placed where his Kylie Koopa poster originally was (he does that out of confusion since he has just awakened and seems to have a dream life with Kylie Koopa as his love interest). He then realizes that his room has been filled with Mario objects, right before an angry Bowser appears next to Nerdy, who has blamed Junior for placing the Mario items in his room. Bowser interprets this action as a deliberate betrayal of the Koopa family. However, Bowser Jr attempts to prove Nerdy as the person guilty of this action, but he immediately shows his Bowser statue (which is really just a trojan horse) to Bowser as proof that he isn't a Mario worshipper.

Moments after, however, the Mario Fan Club members burst out of the statue and begin invading the airship. Nerdy rips out his clothes, revealing the Mario outfit he was wearing underneath, while Josh gives Nerdy his Mario hat. Bowser is sent flying by the statue debris and slammed onto the airship's wooden walls, knocking him out. Junior rushes to check on his unconscious father, but Nerdy taunts him, making him angry. As the Mario Fan Club members hijack the Clown Car to bring in more members, Nerdy mocks and scoffs at Junior to the point where the latter decides to finally attack Nerdy (using his shell spin move) out of rage. Meanwhile, the Koopalings (specifically Iggy, Lemmy and Ludwig) manage to repeal the Mario-worshipping children out of the airship.

Nerdy and Junior fight, and crash into various walls until they fall off the airship and crash onto a hijacked Clown Car, making all Mario Fan Club members fall off it. They grab onto the Clown Car, that is now flying out of control with noone on the wheel. However, as Junior's brothers (except for Ludwig and Larry) watch inside the airship, Larry intervenes from above the airship, using an arrow to hit the flying car so that Nerdy wouldn't have anything to hold on to and finally fall to the ground. He hits the Clown Car, destroying it, but Roy reminds him that Junior is going to fall too, thanks to him. Larry immediately understands his mistakes and devices another plan to save Junior, but Chain Chomp immediately eats him before he can ruin any more situations.

Meanwhile, as they fall, Nerdy explains Junior his revenge plan and states that he is happy that he got his vengeance by making Junior feel excluded by Bowser, just as Nerdy felt excluded by his fellow Mario Fan Club members after the events of First episode. However, as Nerdy is talking, Bowser comes from behind with the airship, burns Nerdy and punches him to the ground. He then grabs Junior and brings him back to the airship. Junior apologizes to Bowser, and the latter forgives him by saying that everyone makes mistakes, including himself, and uses the fact that he can't defeat Mario as an example. However, at the thought of Mario, Bowser enrages and accidentally presses the Turbo Button, making the airship go super fast.


  • There has been speculation among fans that Bowser, when he talked about spending "quality time" with Peach, intended to have sex with her without saying it explicitly. Daniel himself has implied that in replies to comments.
  • The event of Mario Fan Club members coming out of Bowser's statue to attack the Koopa family and make more members come in the airship may be a clear reference to the famous Trojan horse story told in mythology.
  • In the videogame New Super Mario Bros Wii for the Nintendo Wii, when Mario battles Bowser Jr for the second time (the latter being aboard his Clown Car), Mario has to jump into a vacant Clown Car that takes Mario' M symbol when jumped in by him. Similarly, when the Mario Fan Club members hijacked a Clown Car, a big Mario M can be seen painted on it with dripping, red paint.



A day with Bowser Jr-Living with Nerdy(part 1)CRASH!!!!

(Part 1) CRASH!!!!


A day with Bowser Jr-Living with Nerdy(part 2)The invasion

(Part 2) The invasion