Ludwig Von Koopa
Ludwig, as seen in Living with Nerdy.
Role Main antagonist, minor antagonist, supporting character
Gender Male
Age Teenager or adult
Species Koopa
Likes Bowser Jr. (currently), playing his piano
Dislikes Bowser Jr. (formerly), Bowser Jr. stealing his Koopa Throne (formerly), lies, getting grounded (formerly), objects made out of titanium, Fawful
Allies Bowser Jr. (currently)
Enemies Bowser Jr. (mostly on Ludwig's part, formerly)
Mario (presumably)
Relatives Bowser (uncle & adoptive father)
Morton Koopa Sr. (biological father)
Princess Peach (adoptive mother)
Grandpa Kamek (grandfather)
Bowser Jr. (cousin & adoptive brother)
Larry (brother)
Morton Jr. (brother)
Wendy (sister)
Iggy (brother)
Lemmy (brother)
Roy (brother)
Fate Unknown
First appearance Living with Nerdy(part 1)
Latest appearance Rise of Fawful (part 3)
Also known as Unknown
Voice actor The Guy
Creator Nintendo
"(at Bowser Jr.) Right now, you were struck by luck. But I warn you, my brother! Sleep with one eye open from now on, because I'll make you regret the day you were born! The same day you stole my precious throne! I'll make you pay! So says...Ludwig...Von--(is interrupted by Bowser)" - Ludwig
Prince Ludwig von Koopa is a secondary antagonist in A day with Bowser Jr. He is the oldest member of the Koopa family, and before Bowser Jr was born, he was the heir to the Koopa throne.

He is voiced by The Guy.


Nothing much is known about Ludwig's history, except that he was the heir to the Koopa throne, until Bowser Jr was born and for an unknown reason stole the heirship the same day. This event is what caused his hate for Bowser Jr. He is the eldest son of Morton Koopa Sr.


Ludwig has a very dark personality, both aggressive and vengeful. He is very determined and will not stop at anything to get his goals (such as attempting to murder Bowser Jr to merely get back his heirship to the Koopa throne). His desire for power goes beyond his care for his family. In the end of the series, Ludwig and Bowser Jr got along.


Ludwig is very strong, and is able to win a fight with Bowser Jr very easily. However, he still can be easily overpowered by very strong people like Bowser. He is very skilled at hand to hand combat, as his punches are so powerful that they can make people fly meters away and break concrete. He is also very skilled at attacking with his shell, as he can fly in it, travel at high speeds in it and cause serious damage by hitting something or someone with it. He may also appear equipped with his Magic Scepter, which is able to create blue fiery blasts, which are capable of breaking walls.


Outside of his normal life which seems to revolve around his hate for Bowser Jr, Ludwig has a passion for playing the piano, and composes songs on it too, like "Junior will die".


  • It's unknown if he is the leader of the Koopalings, like his video game counterpart.
  • His relationship with the other Koopalings is unknown.
  • He no longer has a hatred for Bowser Jr after the events of Rise of Fawful.
    • In part 3, he possibly breaks the fourth wall by saying "What? I'm the dark and edgy character here?!".
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