Midbus from his only video game appearance, which is Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for the Nintendo DS
Role Main antagonist (Rise of Fawful)
Gender Male
Age Adult, later baby
Species Warthog
Likes Fawful, pizza, obeying orders by his master
Dislikes Bowser Jr, people fighting against him, getting turned into a baby
Allies Fawful, The "Fawfulized" Koopa Army (briefly)
Enemies Bowser Jr, Bowser, Ludwig, Kamek
Relatives Mama Midbus (mother)
Fate Gets turned into a baby and flies away from the Tower of Yikk.
First appearance Rise of Fawful (part 1)
Latest appearance Rise of Fawful (part 3)
Also known as Unknown
Voice actor Spikey Belmont
Creator Nintendo
Midbus is a secondary villain from Rise of Fawful. He is Bowser's rival and Fawful's loyal minion.


Not much is known about Midbus, as he only has one line so far, but it's pretty obvious that he's loyal to Fawful, as he saves his life when Bowser Jr attacks him, and immediately obeys Fawful's order to knock Junior out.


Midbus first appeared in Rise of Fawful where he helps Fawful to invade the airship. When Bowser Jr. attacks Fawful, Midbus grabs him by the tail and beats him up. Then he uses a bodyslam attack, to knock Jr. out.


  • Dannywaving has stated that Midbus is the hardest character for him to model.
  • Before his first appearance in Rise of Fawful, dannywaving stated on DeviantArt that he might add Midbus to his series.
  • The bodyslam attack he uses to know Jr. out is his signature move from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
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