Red choking chuck because he is annoying bitch

Red Angry Bird is the angriest bird on Angry Bird Island. He is a Red Bird.He is vey lonely and cries himself to sleep every night. He live on beach because bird society can't handle him. He also hate pig. Hate pig a LOT. SO MUCH GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH JUST THINKING ABOUT PIG MAKE HIM ANGRY GRURUGGHHHH I'M SO ANGRY Those stupid pigs take his eggs GRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH





Joker Speech



Launch n' Crashin

Get Egg back


None except Brother

Parents abandon him when he kid

Is uncle to babies

Chuck and Bomb his only friend


Chuck - Chuck is reds friend who is very yellow and fast, faster than Sonic. Chuck has a sister who is really smart. I think sjhe invented ebola or something. Anyways chuck goes really fast and is really funny, like maybe funniest character in A DAY WITH BOWSER JR. aanyway he and bomb are best friends, they do bro stuff despite not being bros.

Bomb - Bomb is reds friend who is very black and big. He can explode like a bomb but get lock away by his mother. So sad and relatable am i right gamers? anyway. Hes black so he gets discriminated against on bird island but personally I think he really funny, like second funniest character in A DAY WITH BOWSER JR. he and chuck are best friuends they do bro stuff despite not being bros.

Chucks Sister - Sex


Red with his friends CHUCK AND BOMB


Red and friends just as the big chungus giant ball of shit hits their island


Red has no friend other than CHUCK AND BOMB But they very weird friend.

They drink piss. Lot of it. like slRURURPRPTPTPPP YUMMMY PISS OH MIGHTY EAGLE PLEASE! I BEG YOU TO MAKE MORE PISS! Sorry I get carried away in my piss drinking fetishes. Anyways they are his only friends. Red has gone on a murderous rampage on piggy island before and has a total of 286 kills. the pigs don't suspect him for killing anyone because just as a body goes missing they are given delicious green ham. Oh and red have brother name Big Chungus Bird. he very big and chunky hence the name. They are related. I swear. Please. Let me have this. Okay? They are good bros and do bros stuff. Its cool.


Red fought in the war for the Mushroom Kingdom, saving Wario's life from Bowser, who went on a murderous rampage after Mario took the princess away from him. Red pulls out a glock and said his famous line "I'M SO ANGRY" and fired twelve shots into bowsers head. bowser had died once and for all, and since lives suck in this series he is dead forever lol! just like his brother MORTON KOOPA SR! LOL! TROLLED! anyway. Red had brought back lots of turtle soup and fixed Bird Islands food crisis. Waluigi the time lord was not pleased in reality being fucked over by Red.  but Chuck and Bomb were too epic and had an epic aura around them and red at all times.. so Waluigi couldn't do anything for now... Suddenly giant balls of shit started being launched at Bird and Piggy islands, meaning the birds and pigs had to team up! They later track down where it came from and It was from big island that was so stinky it was killing the atmosphere. The King Pig was like "RED, WE HAVE TO FIX THIS, OR WE'LL ALL BE IN A SHITTY SITUATION." Red did not find it funny. You better be fucking glad red spared your life, pig. Fuck you. Anyway. They go to shit island and discover that BIG CHUNGUS Is firing giant balls of shit at the islands so he can take over them and make them his own. But red keep making moves on chucks sister and cause chuck to get critical depression. Why red betray chuck and do sister like Red look at chuck in the eye and say "DOIN' YOUR SIS! DOIN' DOIN YOUR SISTER!" Like.. why? anywya... they go to throne room but it filld with ugandan knuclkles guards and they needed a costume so the angry birds got into a costume of a fat ugandan knuckles and it worked. They go to bathroom to get a keycard and the ugandan guard tried to pee but it was awkward because tjhe costume kept looing at him as he peed and he didnt want his small pee pee to be judged. The bird try to grab keycard off of the uganda but fail but as the uganda went to leave he slip on soap, hit his head on sink, and he fucking died. The took the card and go to the lair where they end up having EPIC DANCE BATTLE with the ugandans, and escape and then do their plan where red and chuck sister have to go in a chungus shit ball. They destroy the machine making shit balls as big chungus screams in agony and is like "I'LL GET U! I;'LL GET YOU ALL! LETS SEE WHOS SO WHOLESOME NOW?! ISLAND SELF-DESTRUCT! MAKE THE ENTIRE EARTH GET RAINED DOWN ON WITH MY SHIT! FROM MY CHOCOLATE TISH!" HE MAKE ISLAND TIMER GO DOWN AS HE, UGANDAN KNUCKLES, AND CRASH FLEE FROM THE ISLAND. Red was like "No... no.. no no ... NO! I'M THE HERO!" and he made chuck and bomb eat all the shit and day was saved. They go home and celebrate. It was epic. This is where all the current A Day With Bowser Jr episodes currently end. We're currently waiting for the fawful saga to continue.

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