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Rise of Fawful
Episode 4
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Release date October 23, 2015 (part 1)

August 23, 2016 (part 2) January 8, 2018 (part 3)

Rise of Fawful is the 4th episode of A Day with Bowser Jr.


Part 1 (The anniversary)

In Neo Bowser City, Bowser gives a speech to his loyal subjects, for the day of the fifteenth anniversary of the defeat of Fawful, the Mushroom Kingdom's most dangerous enemy, during which Bowser Jr. humiliates himself when he receives a text which is heard by everyone. However, he is delighted to find out that the text is from Kylie Koopa.

As Bowser continues his speech, Kamek is delivers breakfast to a bitter Ludwig, who has been grounded for thirty-three days because of the events of the previous episode.

Afterwards, Junior talks to Kylie with KoopaChat. He notices that her voice sounds different than what it is on television, but Kylie is able to make him forget about that by saying that she wants to interview him tonight at the airship personally and privately, but as she's talking about it the screen breaks up for a second, revealing her to be Fawful in disguise, unnoticed by Junior. Fawful says he requires Junior's code to enter the airship, and Junior thinks that "Kylie" must secretly be in love with him, so he tells "her" his code and where to find the airship in Water Land.

Fawful's ship is detected by the soldiers in the airship's control room, so Hammer Bro contacts Bowser for help. The ship avoids the Bullet Bills aimed at it, and once Fawful uses Junior's code to enter the airship he invades the control room and zaps Bowser with his new weapon known as the Rejuvenation Beam, and the commotion is heard by Junior while he's preparing for his interview, so he goes to investigate and witnesses Fawful kidnapping Ludwig before he reveals himself to Junior. Once Fawful explains everything, Junior realizes he wasn't talking to the real Kylie, and after Fawful is finished mocking him with his romantic feelings for her he jumps onto Junior's shoulder and takes a selfie of both of them, for he plans to show this picture to the Koopa Kingdom to make it seem like Junior was working with him. Junior tries to stop him from escaping but is knocked unconscious by Fawful's minion Midbus.

Junior awakens in his room the next morning, where he is met by Kamek who explains that the entire Koopa Kingdom now hates him for what has happened. After he explains to him how Fawful attacked the kingdoms all those years ago, he shows him an infant Bowser, turned into a baby as a result of Fawful's weapon. The only way to undo what has happened to Bowser is to feed him the Age Mushroom, an almost extinct mushroom of which Fawful holds the last remaining samples. Junior is left feeling guilty over what he has done, but Kamek tells him that although anybody can fall, some people can rise up again.

Part 2 (The alliance)

Ludwig awakens in a circular bedroom where he is met by Fawful and Midbus, and threatens to give them a beating if they don't tell him why he's here in the next thirty seconds. Fawful sends Midbus away so he can discuss matters with Ludwig in private, saying it is for the greater cause. Fawful explains that his goal is to conquer the Beanbean Kingdom and all of the other kingdoms by forming an alliance with the Koopa Kingdom, but Ludwig is not convinced, knowing Bowser would never accept. His perception changes when Fawful explains how he turned Bowser into a baby and claims that the reason was so that Ludwig can seize the throne. Fawful asks Ludwig if he is willing to form an alliance with him once he becomes king, and he accepts.

Back in Neo Bowser City, Junior attempts to give the Koopa Kingdom an inspirational speech so that he can convince them to help him find the Age Mushroom and save Bowser, but he is met with booing due to being hoodwinked by Fawful into leading him to the airship. The speech is interrupted by Ludwig who hacks into the television screen behind him and begins telling the kingdom that Junior is the direct cause for all of their problems, and once he lies to the kingdom by saying that Junior was working with Fawful by showing them the selfie that Fawful took earlier, he gains their trust by saying that he is planning to form an army to fight Fawful with and that recruitments are being held at the Tower of Yikk at midnight. The kingdom marches off leaving Junior in their dust. Hammer Bro, who is also tricked by Ludwig's lies, departs in the airship without Junior saying that he doesn't take orders from traitors, and just when it seems like Junior is all alone, Kamek and an infant Bowser show up in the Koopa Clown Car, willing to fight alongside him. They conclude that Fawful and the Age Mushroom are at the Tower of Yikk and set out for that place.

After Fawful congratulates Ludwig for his performance, he heads for his office where the Age Mushroom resides along with several other mushrooms, and he activates a strange type of machine to begin the next part of his plan.

That night, Junior has a dream where he is met by Kylie, who turns into Fawful immediately afterwards, and is soon surrounded by an army of Fawful clones along with the sun which takes Fawful's image as well. Junior awakens from his nightmare when he notices Kamek trying to feed Bowser his dinner with no success, so Junior uses Kamek's sceptre to take Baby Bowser's appearance before successfully feeding him by using a method that he used on him when he was a baby.

The Clown Car soon approaches the Tower of Yikk, and the kingdom is told by a female voice that only ten recruits at a time are allowed to enter. When Hammer Bro and nine others enter the recruitment booths, they are suddenly taken to a factory within the tower where Fawful's machine is located, and once the machine places masks on their faces, they become possessed (or "Fawfulized") and join the army of countless others that have already been possessed. Fawful, viewing everything from his office, is left overjoyed at the success of his plan, for he lied to Ludwig and was just using him to get the kingdom over to his side, and he plans to use his new army to conquer all of the kingdoms the next morning. Junior and Kamek fly around the tower and witness more of the Koopas being possessed, but because of Kamek's poor eyesight, Junior records what he sees with his phone to show him later on.

They soon find Ludwig's room when they hear him playing "Junior will die" on his piano, but once they break into the room, they are ambushed by Ludwig who begins choking Junior until he shows him the video he recorded, causing him to realize that Fawful lied to him. After Junior and Kamek explain everything to him, Ludwig, filled with remorse, decides to join forces with them to find the Age Mushroom and save Bowser, but they need to get past Midbus and acquire the Rejuvenation Beam first. Junior begins thinking of a plan.

Part 3 (The climax)

In his office, Midbus is revealed to be the tower's female voice since he has been using a program to alter his voice. Before Midbus can continue using his altered voice to fool the Koopa Kingdom, he is interrupted by Junior and Kamek entering his office. The duo charge towards Midbus in an attempt to attack him but are easily defeated when he sends them flying into a wall. Fawful arrives immediately afterwards, and once Midbus explains to him what happened, he gives him the Rejuvenation Beam so he can punish the intruders. But instead of shooting the enemy, Fawful zaps Midbus with the Rejuvenation Beam, turning him into a baby. "Fawful" then reveals himself to be Ludwig in disguise, having used Kamek's sceptre to disguise himself and get the Rejuvenation Beam as part of Junior's plan. In order to find the Age Mushroom next, Kamek uses his sceptre to take the form of Mama Midbus, and with this disguise he is able to convince Midbus to tell them that the Age Mushroom resides in Fawful's office. After turning himself back to normal, Kamek departs with Junior and Ludwig to find Fawful's office, but before they leave, they tell the infant Bowser to stay behind and wait for them in Midbus' office.

In his office, Fawful is shown to be dancing to "You Take Me Up" by Bliss Team but is interrupted when Ludwig, disguised as Midbus, barges into his office. While this is happening, the baby Midbus leaves his office to find Kamek, having developed an interest in his sceptre. Believing Midbus will jeopardize his son's plans, Bowser gives chase to Midbus to stop him. After Ludwig hands Junior and Kamek over to Fawful, the villain taunts the duo for their foolishness and starts monologuing over how all the kingdoms will soon belong to him. Ludwig attempts to snatch the Age Mushroom while Fawful is distracted, but immediately after he takes it out of its case, the baby Midbus steals Kamek's sceptre and uses it to get rid of Ludwig's disguise. When Fawful sees this, he becomes enraged and traps the trio in a giant glass case. Unfortunately for Fawful, he ends up trapping himself as well since the case lands on his leg. The baby Bowser enters the office immediately afterwards, and on Junior and Fawful's orders, both babies try to grab the Age Mushroom. The ensuing fight leads to all the mushrooms in Fawful's mushroom collection being released from their cases. Both babies start eating mushroom after mushroom until Bowser gets the Age Mushroom. Junior, Kamek and Ludwig tell Bowser to eat it, but he doesn't understand them. But once Junior makes a hand gesture that reminds Bowser of the way he fed him earlier, he eats the mushroom, turning himself back to normal. After Bowser destroys the case and frees his allies, Junior shares a hug with his father who becomes confused upon realizing his mouth tastes like broccoli, the food that Junior fed him for his dinner earlier. When Junior sees Fawful trying to escape, he and Ludwig give chase to him. Bowser attempts to do the same until Kamek stops him, and upon seeing the brainwashed Koopa Kingdom, Bowser becomes horrified.

After Fawful escapes from Junior and Ludwig, he sends his brainwashed army to attack the duo. In order to escape, Junior suggests that Ludwig punch through the walls, and once they succeed, Junior jokingly says it's a good thing that the walls aren't made of titanium. Not happy with the reminder of the time he injured his hand by punching a titanium wall, Ludwig threatens Junior by telling him his skull isn't made of titanium. Unfortunately, the duo's efforts to escape prove to be for nothing since the only thing on the other side of the wall is a long drop to the ground below. When Ludwig takes too many steps back after the brainwashed army corners the duo, he nearly falls until Junior grabs onto him. With the duo holding onto the edge for dear life, the brainwashed Hammer Bro prepares to finish them off, but before he can do so, Bowser frees the Koopa Kingdom from its possession by destroying the console powering the computer behind it all. Once Hammer Bro regains his senses, he pulls Junior and Ludwig to safety before fleeing with the others on Junior's orders.

Saddened and enraged by the loss of his army, Fawful turns the Tower of Yikk into a giant robot so he can finish his enemies off. After the baby Midbus flees by sprouting butterfly wings, Bowser and Kamek set out to find the Koopa Clown Car. The earthquake caused by the tower's transformation leads to Junior falling off the tower, but he is rescued by Ludwig who uses his flutter jump to reach the airship, having noticed it while they were dangling over the edge.

When Bowser and Kamek reach the hole in Ludwig's room that the Clown Car is parked at, they learn that the tower has ascended since the Clown Car is several feet down. With no other options, Bowser grabs onto Kamek and jumps into the Clown Car. After the tower's transformation is finished, Fawful sings a little song before sending out homing Bullet Bills that destroy the Clown Car and send Bowser and Kamek falling to the ground below. When Bowser asks Hammer Bro where the airship is so they can use it to fight the tower, they learn that it has disappeared. After Hammer Bro leaves to protect the Koopa Kingdom on Bowser's orders, Bowser uses Kamek's sceptre to turn himself into a giant so he can fight the tower. Unfortunately, the tower proves to be superior to Bowser who reverts to his normal size after the tower captures Kamek and destroys his sceptre.

Before Fawful can kill his enemies, however, Junior and Ludwig arrive on the airship and attack the tower with their own Bullet Bills. Fawful tries to counter with his homing Bullet Bills, but Junior and Ludwig are able to maneuver them into hitting the tower instead. Ludwig then uses his own sceptre to make a Bob-ulk appear, and when the tower catches it, it explodes and destroys the arm with the launcher for the homing Bullet Bills. After Ludwig breaks open the tower's cockpit with a Bullet Bill, Junior drops a Bob-omb inside the cockpit, creating an explosion that destroys the entire tower.

Fawful is sent flying, but before he can fall to his doom in the radiation caused by the explosion, he is saved by Junior and Ludwig using the airship. After an Ice Bro and Fire Bro handcuff Fawful and stuff a turnip in his mouth, the villain is taken away for his crimes. Junior is hailed as a hero by the Koopa Kingdom for defeating Fawful, and Ludwig finally lets go of his grudge against him by shaking his hand.

Some time later in Neo Bowser City, Junior gives a speech to the Koopa Kingdom for his bravery and courage, but as he starts talking, he gets another text, this time from the real Kylie Koopa who is in the audience. She whispers "call me" to Junior much to his delight.


  • It is the first episode to break the Fourth Wall when Ludwig says "What? I'm the dark and edgy character here?!."
  • This is also the first episode to introduce new villains from the Mario Series besides the Koopalings. Daniel is currently branching out to the RPG's for new villains since the next episode will feature Dimentio as the main villain.
  • Fun Fact: Fawful was originally not going to be the main villain of this episode due to Daniel thinking that he was "not much of a threat" and "too much comedic relief for a serious series" From this post :[1]
  • Baby Bowser and Baby Midbus were both voiced by Daniel's younger brother Brian.
  • Decoy Kylie looks very off in terms of model to not confuse her with the real Kylie. She has very big eyes with black pupils instead of her green pupils as seen in Part 3. The decoy's eyelids are bright pink while Kylie's is fuschia. And Decoy Kylie has a mouth under her snout while Koopa's have there snout attached too their mouths.
  • This episode reveals that Kamek has poor eyesight.