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"Ugh, don't tell me. You copied from the Nerd?"

Tibb is a student at Yellow P.P School and a friend of Bowser Jr.


First Episode (part 2)

At the start of the episode, Tibb was in the art gallery looking at a work of art by the class artist called "My Last Poo". Then Bowser Jr. accidentally injures him after he tells Tibb he, Bowser Jr., managed to do the test. Tibb didn't want to be told this, believing Bowser Jr, copied from Nerdy, who is referred to as "the nerd". When Bowser Jr called him in the middle of the night to get help to escape from the airship, he, wearing an eyepatch while in his pyjamas, jumped out of his bed being scared. After he got up, he did 3 gunshots round the room. After picking up the phone, Bowser Jr said he wanted Tibb's help to escape the airship after being grounded by Bowser. Tibb questioned this, Bowser Jr wanting him to be by his side after failing to get a new life for the millionth time.

Two Koopas for a Throne (part 1)

Tibb had a small cameo appearance when he attempted to save Junior from Ludwig von Koopa only for Ludwig to punch him.