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Two Koopas for a throne
Episode 3
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Release date January 3, 2013 (part 1)

December 1, 2013 (part 2) December 14, 2014 (part 3)

Two Koopas for a throne is the third A Day with Bowser Jr episode. Its main cast is formed by estabilished Mario characters Bowser Jr, Ludwig, Larry, BowserPeach, Iggy and Lemmy. This time, Daniel's own characters (like Nerdy, Tibb and Mrs. Teachdevil) have minor roles or cameos.


(Part 1) Blue-haired threat

Main Plot

The first part starts off with Bowser Jr singing on his way to school. Ludwig then appears behind a car and plots to attack Bowser Jr, and attacks him by rolling in his shell. Bowser Jr tries to escape from Ludwig in what turns to be a prolounged attack from the latter onto the former which also takes place inside the school, with the vengeful brother causing lots of damage to the school walls to catch the smaller brother. Bowser Jr runs along with other students trying to get away from Ludwig as well and hides behind a wall made of titanium. Ludwig tries to punch through the wall, but easily gets his arm injured. The wall then collaspes on top of Ludwig.

After school is finished, Bowser Jr starts to wonder why he replaced Ludwig for the throne, So he goes to ask Larry, who was playing a video game where he had to kill Mario. At Junior's request, he explains that on the day Bowser Jr was born, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Grandpa Kamek were talking about how Bowser Jr should be raised as a good king. He explains that it was almost as if they forgot about Ludwig: even though they never said that Ludwig was going to be king, Larry and the other Koopalings assumed that he was, since he was the oldest. Then Peach asked Bowser about when they will tell the Koopalings where they really came from, and Bowser said that it would be someday but not that day. Bowser Jr is still not convinced, and considers asking Bowser and Peach, but since it's Morton Koopa Day, they want to be left alone. Impatient, Junior sets off to find out the truth on his own.


Nerdy is talking to Josh on an earphone while in a hospital room. Josh tries to cheer Nerdy (who is in a bad mood as he hates hospital visits) by telling him that the Mario Fan Club was inventing a new plan against Bowser Jr. As Nerdy cackles silently, Josh reminds him that the plan will not be put into action until Nerdy recovers, and Nerdy screams in rage.

(Part 2) The real Koopa heir

Bowser Jr decides to askLemmy andIggy about the truth of his Koopa heritage. They discuss with Junior that Bowser never told them that Ludwig was the heir, then Iggy tells what he knows about the day Junior was born: he tells Junior about how they spied on Bowser, Peach and Grandpa Kamek, learning that a secret was kept, also hearing Bowser say, "If only that event in the Koopa Castle never happen

The official artwork of part 2

ed, none of us would be in this stupid mess!" So they went in the Internet and searched about Castle Koopa on Koopapedia. Then they found a section called Morton Koopa's death, showing a picture of a Morton Koopa Statue saying that the only way to know the truth is to look at the statue.

So they travel to the castle aboard Chompy's carriage in a crazy ride which Junior barely survives because he forgot to put his seatbelt on.

Meanwhile Ludwig is in Kamek's room and Kamek is trying to heal Ludwig from his injury in the previous video. Ludwig asks why he isn't the heir but Kamek doesn't answer.

The episode ends with Junior, Iggy and Lemmy venturing into the castle as Ludwig plots to learn the truth and subsequently kill Bowser Jr.

(Part 3) Blonde-haired threat

On the Airship, one of the Hammer Bros gives Ludwig Juniors location on a small device showing the Koopa Castle. Ludwig wants to get there too but is stopped by Kamek who says Ludwig can't get off his bed before finishing drinking a magic medicine after seven months. Ludwig ignores Kamek's warnings of "nasty side effects" and drinks all of the potion at once. As the 2 side effects, his injuries healed and his hair turns blonde causing him to hide it under a Hammer Bro Helmet. Ludwig flies the Airship to Koopa Castle (using the Speed Button from Living with Nerdy).

At Koopa Castle Lemmy, Iggy and Junior get into the castle by blowing up the door. They enter a hallway resembling the castle in Super Mario Bros with a big statue of Morton Koopa Sr. at the end. After they got scanned they are shown a Mario vs. Bowser scene from Super Mario Bros. Ludwig arrives and uses his wand to make himself invisible and joins his brothers. Iggy mentions that the Bowser in the video has green eyes and not red ones like the original Bowser has. Junior then realizes that Morton Koopa Sr. on the portrait had green eyes and that the Bowser they see in the video is in fact Morton Koopa Sr.

The NES sprite animation then changes to the original cartoon style of dannywaving: Morton Sr. fights Mario by firebreathing and throwing hammers at him, even hitting him once. But then, Mario uses a Fire Flower and starts throwing fireballs at Morton. Bowser arrives in the Clown Car and accidently distracting Morton who gets hit by Mario's fireball causing the disguise to disappear. Mario runs and grabs the axe that is used in the original Super Mario Bros game to defeat Bowser. The ground Morton is standing on starts falling down. Bowser jumps out of the Clown Car, hits Mario into the abysm and tries to save Morton who is as revealed, his brother. Bowser fails saving Morton who shouts that Bowser should take care of his seven children.

So Junior realizes that he isn't Bowser's seventh child but his first and only child. That in fact makes Bowser Jr the heir to the Koopa Throne. Ludwig leaves and goes to the Morton Koopa Memorial where he finds Peach and Bowser. He calls them a couple of liars and even attacks Bowser, asking why he kept the secret from him. Bowsers then tells him the truth: Morton, his younger brother, was father of seven children: The Koopalings. When the koopas first invaded the Mushroom Kingdom Bowser fell in love with Peach and she loved him too. But Mario was on his way to save Peach and defeat the king of the koopas. So Morton Koopa decided to take Bowser's appearance and fight Mario, but died in the fight. With Morton dead the Koopalings remained fatherless, so Bowser decided to adopt them and raise them as his children, but never told them the truth about their real father.

Ludwig wants to attack Bowser again, but is stopped by Junior. Ludwig chases Junior with his magic wand and attacks him, but Junior manages to counter the shell attack Ludwig used in the first part. Then Ludwig uses his magic wand again, but Junior reflects this attack by using his shell. The magic fireball hits the axe, causing the floor to fall down again. Ludwig first seems to meet the same fate as his father, but is saved by Junior and the twins. Ludwig still seems wanting to kill Junior, but Bowser interrupts him and he is pulled into the Airship by Chompy. Then Bowser hugs his son and Iggy and Lemmy join the group hug.

When the koopas fly away a Fawfulcopter ist seen scanning the Airship.


Most of the soundtrack consists of Daniel's remixes of Mario themes. Two OST videos have been released with the following tracks:

Ludwig's fury - the track that plays when Ludwig attacks Bowser Jr in part 1. It is said to be a remix of Ludwig van Beethoveen's 5th Symphony.

Iggy and Lemmy - The track that plays in the beginning scene with Iggy and Lemmy plus the credits music. It is a remix of the Super Mario Bros. 3 boss fight.


  • A map of Yoshi's Island from Super Mario World is shown in the past when Bowser is announcing that Jr. is the heir.
  • On the day Bowser Jr. was born Grandpa Kamek predicted that in the future the fact that Ludwig doesn't know why he was not the heir to the throne would cause rising tension and civil wars.
  • TVs in the Koopa Kingdom are labeled with "Panakoopa".
  • A picture of Larry from the cartoons is shown in Larry's room.
  • A newspaper at the beginning of Part 1 said that a "young boy fell from the sky", which is implied to be Nerdy falling from the sky in the previous episode.
  • The students at the school were taking a chemistry test before Ludwig attacked as shown on the blackboard.
  • The titanium wall was made for a school project.
  • During Larry and Iggy's flashbacks, the past Koopalings were looking similar to their counterparts from "The Adventures of Super Mario bros. 3".
  • In Part 2, if you look carefully at the Koopapedia, Morton Koopa was in a battle with Mario which makes it possible that Mario killed Morton Koopa Sr. This speculation was comfirmed in Part 3, he is seen fighting Mario instead of Bowser in a flashback.
  • Part 3 is the first episode Mario himself is seen in, fighting against Morton and killing him, assuming that Morton was Bowser.
  • A Fawfulcopter is seen twice in Part 3. The first time in the background when Bowser and Peach are first seen and in the end it is clearly seen scanning the Air Ship. This leads to the conclusion that Fawful will appear in a future video, possibly the next episode of A Day With Bowser Jr.
  • In Part 3's credits, pictures of Ludwig with blonde hair that were submitted for a competition on DeviantArt can be seen.
  • There was a countdown for Part 3's release date on DaviantArt, starting 3 days before the release date of Part 3.
  • Part 3 was released at about 11am (UK time)