Yellow P.P School

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Yellow P.P School is the school that Bowser Jr and other students in A Day With Bowser Jr go to.

First episode Part 1

The whole episode takes place at Yellow P.P School. There, Bowser Jr and Nerdy are seen taking a test.

First episode Part 2

There might be a museum-like place there, as Tibb is looking at some artwork. The classroom from First episode Part 1 is seen in this episode.

First episode Part 3

Yellow P.P School is not seen in this episode, but a reference to First episode Part 1 was featured in this episode. As seen in Part 1, Nerdy and Bowser Jr did a bad breath war at the Mario Fan Club instead of school, with Nerdy's face disintegrating again.

Two Koopas for a Throne Part 1

Bowser Jr is walking on his way there until Ludwig starts a battle with him. Part of the battle takes place inside Yellow P.P School, which is broken down during the battle, with damage in the roof in the end, with pieces of the roof injuring Ludwig.


  • There are several students at Yellow P.P School, as seen in Two Koopas for a Throne Part 1.
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